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Best social media podcast I have heard – marketers get on board

By 05/13/2016 1 6 Comments

Run to itunes now and download Mitch’s podcast.

Welcome to episode #159 of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast. This is a very special episode. I was asked to be the Guest Editor for the June 15th, 2009 issue of Marketing Magazine (titled Brave New World). The magazine’s cover story is a roundtable discussion I conducted on the future of Digital Marketing featuring: Seth GodinCharlene LiShelly Palmer and David Weinberger titled,Talkin’ About A Revolution. The entire audio conversation is available for you right here in this episode. It’s fascinating, heated and full of energy. Enjoy the conversation.

Here is my comment after listening:

Wow. Do I feel good! I was already filled with excitement and couldn’t sleep this week and now I get it. I am a marketing consultant that has been set free from the confines of corporate marketing and now, just at the right time, am able to use my imagination and innovation to collide! This is fantastic opportunity in marketing as Shelly explained. We have these new tools and environment to have a conversation with our customers, earn their respect, and attention and very quickly establish small businesses in a way that has never been possible. I totally get this because I have always approached marketing from “its all about the customer” and now we have the tools to do it better, cheaper and faster than ever before. We have to be ourselves and earn the right to form a relationship, as we would treat any friend. Our interaction and value add is only limited by our creativity. Thanks Mitch, you and your guests have confirmed this excitement for me and I look forward to even more insomnia as I plan my next social marketing experiment.

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