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Your content strategy shouldn’t be like throwing spaghetti to see what sticks

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No doubt you are like most businesses and furiously creating content to build a connection and earn your prospects and customers attention. 90% of all businesses realise that there is value in moving some of their advertising spend from a “paid” to an “earnt content strategy“. The next step of the evolution is planning out this content strategy. Building a vision of what you hope your content strategy will achieve is a great starting point.Content framework

I have heard and felt the scramble to create content for a blog at the last minute, seen the distress as admin and marketing staff chase sales for case study leads to write up. We have all been there. I guess the opportunity is before you think about the distribution strategy, what to create and and what form is a really important step. The Content Marketing Institute have some really good resources for planning out your content strategy. There how too guides are just brilliant for the SME. Download their great workbook to get started here.How toos

It is worth watching this video where Robert Rose explains how content marketing has evolved and how to do it better. Carla and Robert have just written a book on the topic called Experiences: the 7th era of marketing. So who are doing this strategy thing well? In my book, Aussiefarmers with their blog their new magazine and education on produce not grown in Australia.Kraft with which generates more than $1 billion impressions per year and more data on a demographic cohort than a television station with more than 3 million subscribers.



Talk to Humans

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Lesson learnedWhen was the last time you talked with your customers? It sounds simple but why do so many small businesses make assumptions? This book by Giff Constaple and illustrated by my fav cartoonist Tom Fishburne answers some of those key assumptions in Talking to Humans. So do yourself a favour, before you invest in marketing tactics please do a simple customer survey or better still pick up the phone and ask your customers why they decided to buy from you. And while you are at it, ask your staff why they work for you and see if you can uncover your true value proposition. This is the starting point for growing a successful business.

Download book here.

Talk to humans

10 Ways to write an E-book

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Writing an e-book gives your audience a chance to see your expertise. It is a way of giving your audience a taste of you without buying a premium product or service. The end goal of the e-book is to build your credibility with your ideal audience but also create a list of leads that you can nurture over time.

So how do you write an e-book? Here are 10 ways.DeathtoStock_Desk11

Here are some of my suggestions.

1. Expand on a topic of one of your blog posts. Your e-book doesn’t have to be a tell all but could focus on a particular area or niche.

2. You could combine some related articles you have written into a report or overview

3. You could ask others to contribute by asking a question on a social media forum and write-up the answers

4. You could ask someone to interview you and then transcribe the interview

5. You could interview someone else. I have done this on my podcast and these interviews could then be used to create a e-book.

6. You could list all the top questions you get asked by clients and do an Expert FAQ as an e-book

7. You could hire someone to write it for you. With so many freelancing sites for copywriting this might be a way to create a thought-leadership piece quickly.

8. You could curate other people’s content and the reference them to create a book

9.You could attend a presentation and then create top hints.

10. You could edit a presentation and handbook and make a special report.

The Marketing Performance Blueprint; we need all the help we can get!

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“The marketing industry is advancing at an unprecedented rate, creating seemingly insurmountable gaps in marketing talent, technology and strategy. The job of marketer is more challenging than ever before; things like changing customer expectations, proliferation of media outlets, greater customer power, globalization and media fragmentation are making it harder and harder to create a message that will be heard. The result: marketers are largely unprepared for the marketing paradigm shift happening now.”
Paul Roetzer

Today requires a new type of marketer to do better marketing The marketing Performance blueprintOverwhelm is commonplace for today’s marketer. Paul Roezter new book, The Marketing Performance Blueprint is an awesome guide to asking some of the right questions to ensure you have marketing that is effective.
Paul from PR20/20 has run his own agency and so knows how broad marketing is but also understands how we now need to be performance driven and should measure everything we do. We now have the data, and Paul has a great dashboard to assist us make sense of those drivers that shape effective marketing.

I was speaking with a small business today about their google adwords and they said; “Dan I paid all this money and I don’t know if it is working and I don’t even know what to look at to know.” This is a comment that is not uncommon for small businesses. Understanding the elements of your marketing be it; Adwords, SEO, email marketing, networking, trade-shows, SMS, telephone message or whatever and measuring its effectiveness will only allow you to alter those things to make better marketing decisions. Paul’s book is all about understanding and managing the marketing process and measuring what matters.

Listen to my podcast with Paul to gain more insights.

Visit the PR20/20 website to learn more about the book and download a free chapter.

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