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Tribal Leadership – book review

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I have just finished listening to Tribal Leadership on audible. I wish I had it 12 months ago. My philosophy ( and I am still fine tuning it every day) has been born from  creating great relationships with everyone I meet. I really try to listen and learn as much as I can. As a consultant I have a great need to do the same. I have been reading hungrily over the past few years and have been really motivated by Keith Ferazzi, Stephen Covey, Patrick  Linceoni, Chip Conley and now I can add Dave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright.

What I really loved about this book was how it centred on values being at the core of creating a great culture. I have found this to be true and it is where I choose to focus a lot of time with my clients. I really like the question: ” What are you proud of?” as way to help draw out the values and link them to actions.

Like this book I have spent many sessions with one company refining the values. The stepping stone they need to make is to involve their people and embody them. This is a challenge to a company that has held information tightly at the top. What a great experience when this happens. The ideas, the teamwork and the excitement as the company rallies around what is truly important to them.

Using these values to build a value proposition is also key to the strategy of the business. Let me just say, it takes a special person to see the intangible benefits of putting in this groundwork but having books like Tribal Leadership out there certainly help the cause tremendously.

Thanks Guys!

Building your own personal mission statement

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How much of our time as small business owners is spent going through the motions rather than setting ourselves a purposeful path and following it. I have been doing some research in this area and I believe the process starts with knowing ourselves and then purposely creating the desired outcomes for our business, family and ourselves by having a personal mission statement. Here is a link you can use to create your mission statement: This along with Stephen R Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are a good starting point. Covey covers in his book: He talks about:

  • Being proactive – be the programmer – how to lead
  • Begin with the end in mind – mission
  • Putting first things first – priorities
  • Paradigm of interdependence – do it with others
  • Think win-win – best outcomes and mindset
  • Seek to understand first – seek insight
  • Synergize – 1+1= more than 3


Five steps to building your personal mission statement.

Mission statement builder

How to write your mission statement video

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