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Start with the customer to make your online marketing effective

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It might seem obvious the it is always the hardest conversation I have with small business owners is around their customers. Narrow your focus down to those ideal customers that your services is made for. This means not everyone with a pulse. Tom Fishburne cartoon is a common scenario I see when I chat with business owners. There is a tendency to want to attract everyone and by default, you attract no-body.

Everything becomes easier when you have focus. So many small businesses are now trying to grapple with online marketing. They ask me, “should I be doing adwords, social media, email marketing, Facebook” etc. It always comes back to who is your target customers and where do they hang out? Are they using social media? What words are they typing into google to find your services.

Online marketing can be very affordable and is a necessary part of your marketing. Let’s face it, we all use google to search online, we are all shopping online and we are all seeking out recommendations online before we buy. If your small business doesn’t have an online strategy then you are invisible. Talk to us about how we can support you with a digital marketing strategy today. One that suits your budget and gets results.


Quote from E-Myth

“If you have identity issues, if you, as the leader, don’t know who you are and what values you stand for, what do you think the likelihood is that your business will suffer from the same identity disorder?

Look at yourself. Do you want to be liked by everyone? Have you not taken the time to understand who you are as a leader and what values you represent? If this describes you, then root out the assumptions and beliefs at play here. Dive into yourself and discover the unique ‘you’ that has come into existence to bring value to the world. Now, do the same sort of inquiry for your business. Discover your true business identity, and then watch as the right customers are magnetically attracted to your clear brand promise. Don’t worry about alienating some. Focus on those who you can best serve, and see your business grow exponentially towards your dreams.”

Google survey: “54% of all Smartphone owners now use their handsets to access the web on a daily basis.”

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 Consumer behaviour is increasingly becoming multi-screen in nature. We spend more time on tablets like the iPad than watching tv, more time on the mobile phone browsing than our laptops. This dramatic shift around the way we communicate brings up new challenges as small businesses to connect with our customers.
A report by the Latitude Group suggests that:

  • Smartphones will account for 10% of all website visits by the end of 2012.
  •  7% of all website visits will come from Tablets by the end of 2012.
  • As many web visits will come from Android based phones as iOS by the end of the year.
  • Mobile and Tablet collectively will represent 20% of all Paid Search clicks.
  • Mobile conversion rates will continue to improve as more sites become optimised for mobile.
  • Google will introduce algorithmic penalties for websites that are not optimised for mobile. Affected websites will see drops in Adwords quality scores and Organic rankings.
  • Nokia will announce plans to release Android based handsets following low consumer adoption of Windows Phone.
  • iPhone5 to be released late Q3? Guaranteed to get huge press coverage, this will be another major growth driver for the mobile web, both in terms of buzz and in terms of hardware hitting consumers’ hands.

TV broadcasters and advertisers will adapt to a four-screen audience. Programmes and TV ads will increasingly be augmented with tablet and Smartphone based services. Look out for the BBC’s four-screen approach to the Olympics this year.

Tablet usage is growing and sometimes surpasses time spent on desktop and TV findings from Admob research
43% of respondents spend more time with their tablet than with their desktop/laptop• 1 in 3 respondents spends more time with their tablet than they do watching TV. Tablets are used widely for playing games, searching for information and emailing• Most popular activities on tablets include gaming (84%), searching for info (78%) and emailing (74%) • Least popular include shopping(42%), reading e-books (46%) and consuming entertainment (51%)People are spending at least an hour a day on their tablet and using it primarily at home• 68% of respondents spend at least 1 hour a day on their tablet • 82% of respondents primarily use their tablet at homeTablets are used mostly on weekdays and in the night• 69% of respondents said they use their tablet more frequently on weekdays relative to weekends • Tablets are used more during the night according to 62% of respondentsTablets are replacing time spent with desktops/laptops• 77% of respondents reported that their desktop/laptop usage decreased after getting a tablet • 28% of respondents said that the tablet is their primary computer

What does this mean for the small business.

  1. You need a mobile strategy to reach your customers. This means a mobile website. 79% of major online businesses did not have a mobile optimised website.Latitude Group – March 2012..
  2. You need the tools to see how your website is working.HowToGoMo – a Google initiative to help businesses understand how their website is seen by mobile users, including resources to help build mobile optimised websites. This is a great tool for quickly assessing how well a website is serving mobile visitors .
  3. You need need to get educated about what your buyers are doing so you know how to access them. Email may not be the best way anymore.
More information see our digital marketing services.

Checklist for hiring the right marketing consultant

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The most successful marketers measure what they do and they know how the marketing activities are impacting the revenue. They not only get leads into the funnel, they  nurture them through the journey to become a customer and advocate. Great marketers technologically savvy, creative, analytical and obsessed with tools to better manage inquiries and nurture leads by providing insights into prospects digital footprint.

Here are a list of key competencies you should look for when hiring a marketing consultant:

1. Are they tactical or have a strategic skill-set. Having a sound understanding of how to implement marketing campaigns is an important tactical skill but this skill can be picked up quickly or outsourced easily. Setting up a sound marketing strategy and an active marketing plan is a skill that is more difficult to acquire. Having a marketer that can build a strategy to attract leads and envision how you are going to interact in a digital way with prospects is vital in todays’ landscape. At the end of the day, it is all about attracting and converting leads into profitable customers and every business needs a plan to do this effectively.

2. Do they have business analyst skills? Today marketers needs to have very good business analysis skills. Knowing how to uses tools like – CRM, google analytics, Facebook, lead scoring, social media tools amongst others to drive to a revenue result is critical.  Understanding trends, tweaking campaigns and trying new things is a must and such activities are based on sound measurement and analytic skills.

3. Marketing Technologist – Are they a power user of technology? –  If they are they will look at new ways to do business by optimising your use of technology. Using the marketing automation system, lead scoring, profiling you database. Marketing is going through this incredible transformation. Marketers need to use multi-technologies to run successful campaigns. They need to be able to leverage the technology to meet the needs of your business. Marketing automation systems are powerful and in order to get the most out of them you need to have a technical skill-set. You need to have HTML, CRM skills to mention just two technologies.

4. Are they a nurture specialist? Nurture specialists are obsessed with creating a intimate digital dialog at all phases of the buying cycle and providing qualified leads to the sales team.This role focuses on the long-term digital relationship with prospects and customers and must effectively work with all team members to pull campaigns together.

5. Are they Content Specialist? Content specialist  means they are responsible for all the content associated with a campaign marketing is the fuel for nurture marketing. The key here is using the smallest piece of content that will create an exchange of value that gives the opportunity for the prospect to show behaviour that can be tracked and scored as an intent or level of interest.

Content specialists know that the right message at the right time will keep prospects and customers engaged. They think about the buying cycle and personna types and how will interact in each channel.

6. Are they a creative specialist? Creative specialists want to know how effective is the demand generation. What will perform best. Testing what works. They drive and enhance the communications from the customers’ point of view.

7. Are they brand experts? Branding is all about creating a feeling between the company and the customer. A marketer that is interested in building a brand personna that is consistent and represents value consistently in all its touch points is a very great asset to any team. Someone to hold you accountable for the brand attributes is vital to keeping a brand real.


Questions to ask when interviewing them:

1. Are they recognised by an official Marketing organisation – In Australia that would be Certified Practicing Marketer by the Australian Marketing Institute

2. Do they use a marketing dashboard to measure the results for each client; leads generated, conversions, and cost per lead per program, etc Do they talk about the demand generation as a pipeline?

3. Have they got a good social media profile: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, u-tube, quota etc

4. What marketing tools do they use for their own marketing: CRM, Blog, Content Management System, advertising, SEO, branding, podcast, articles, tools and resources.

5. Do they have good customer success stories and testimonials? If they do do they talk about real results, leads generated and covered to customers.

The pedowitzgroup have a good video explaining the difference between the traditional marketer and that of a demand generation system marketer or as they call the revenue marketer. You can also listen to a an interview on Rain today about core competencies to look for in a marketer today.


Have an expert critique your marketing and make better decisions!

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Have you had a good look at your sales funnel and are worried?  Have you got no marketing in place to generate new leads? You need the Marketing Critic. Get feedback on what is not working and why and put in place some immediate marketing tips to increase your lead generation.Book the marketing critic today.

Local Search Is A Must For Small Businesses

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Get Found!

For small business some of the most important search is local and optimising your site to be found in local search directories.

Here are some of our top hints on how to optimise your site being found locally.

1. Add your site to Google Places, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines. Claiming your site requires some information but be sure to include as much key rich words into these listings including categories, hours of operation, forms of payment, images and social media profiles.

Add your physical address (including the suburb and city) to every page of your website.

2. Current and useful content is a great way to direct traffic and the search engine to your site. Either linking to your blog and listing this on your web as an RSS feed or having an e-newsletter in your website with key rich categories and topics is a great way to be found.

3. Look for opportunities to build credibility to your site by getting backlinks from good sites. Referral sites, industry directories and online media are all avenues you should explore to get listed, quoted and mentioned.

4. Social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, U-tube, etc can help to spread your business’ reach. Pushing content to these sites can increase traffic back to your website.


Tools and Tips:

video 10 things you can do for your small business online.

Google places – video on how to do this

How to get found online – podcast by Tim and Luke

How to build a website – thanks Luke some good optimising tips like start with WordPress which is search engine friendly!

Taking your small business online -John from Ducttape Marketing.

For assistance in setting up your local profile view our digital marketing services.


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Digital marketing is the new way to connect with your customers

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At the heart of marketing is connecting with customers. We are now connecting digitally, online all the time. The tools to reach, connect and make sales is changing and we need to change our marketing to online to be effective.

At one stage it was okay to have a brochure style website but now it needs to be optimised to be found in google, capture leads and be socially mentionable.

Learn more about how we help you get your digital marketing strategy working for your small business today and help you harness the opportunity in every click, connection and conversation.

Take our Marketing Health Check I'm marketing savvy!