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Show me you understand me and create moments that matter.

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It is often when we are in holiday mode that we get the chance to look at everyday activities and interactions with an open mind. I love the chance to slow down but even with the change of pace I still can’t help keeping an eye out for marketing ideas.IMG_0725
The biggest point of difference going forward for all businesses is the customer experience and being able to show your value, show that you know your audience and deliver some special insights that delight them. Learn more here re predictions for 2015.
While I was having a cup of tea these holidays I came across this tea bag. Each one had a different saying on the tea bag ticket. What a clever and simple way to show that Tetley actually understood that having a cuppa is a moment in time, an experience that we want to escape, reset and enjoy, not just a beverage. Every product and service can use this customer insight to create those moments that matter, that set them apart from others.

We have been staying in a holiday cottage by the sea and the owners have gone to great lengths to think of those creature comforts that make the memories we share here special. Little things like a selection of CDs, magazines, hot water bottles, dominos, extra cushions and blankets, tea and coffee and condiments. They have even developed a little guide for activities and how to get down the the water via a track only known to residents.

Creature comforts

Creature comforts

Gartner has found that for most brands, 80% of your future income will come from your existing customer base. This is why the most brilliant marketers focus their efforts on customer satisfaction strategies.

How do you show your customers that you understand them and create moments that matter? Love to know?

2015 Marketing predictions

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digital-marketing-predictions-infographicCustomer Think recently had a great article on the predictions for 2015. We as customers know more and expect more.The most forward thinking small businesses will win the race for loyal customers. Price and product are likely to decrease in importance and customer experience will increase in importance and the impact it has on competitive advantage. I would like to add my own take on these for small business owners.
Strategy-chart by
1. We will use data to predict our customers behaviour
“The customer of 2020 will be more informed and in charge of the experience they receive. They will expect companies to know their individual needs and personalize the experience. Immediate resolution will not be fast enough as customers will expect companies to proactively address their current and future needs.To be relevant in 2020, companies must focus on leveraging big data to create a single source of truth and making customer intelligence accessible throughout the enterprise. Companies must consider “insight generation” as a sales enablement function and emphasize proactive and personalized customer support to effectively grow and retain customers.” Tony Zambito
4. Personalising or humanising the customer journey will be a competitive advantage

“B2B decision-makers are putting more emphasis on emotions-based factors versus logic-based. A recent Fortune Knowledge Group study shows 55% of 720 executives surveyed are relying on subjective, hence emotional influence, as opposed to logic-based objectives or factors when making decisions.”

5. How we collaborate is a big competitive advantage
To collaborate with customers, employees and partners can only give our customers a better experience. It will allow us to understand them better and give them an immersive experience.

6. By 2017, one third of all customer service interactions will still require the support of a human intermediary (compared to 60% in 2014).By 2018, 50% of agent interactions will be influenced by real-time analytics ~ Gartner Predicts 2015: Weak Mobile Customer Service Is Harming Customer Engagement. Customer service will be more proactive.
7. Maintain a presence across the wide range of platforms that their customers use and make a consistent experience.
8. Surveys are valuable in giving insight but information architecture will become more important as well as customer intelligence.The customer of 2020 will be more informed and in charge of the experience they receive. They will expect companies to know their individual needs and personalize the experience. Immediate resolution will not be fast enough as customers will expect companies to proactively address their current and future needs

9. Customer metrics will be on what customers plan to do. Tracking actions and the return to the business.

10.By 2020, smart phone applications will proactively inform a shopper regarding specific issues with products or retailers upon entering a retailer‘s brick-and-mortar store or using its website. Brand management by 2020 will need to develop a host of new skills, tools, and communication modes, both nimble and innovative, than are typical today. PWC report

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How I Got My Blog To A Page Rank Of 5 In Less Than 12 Months…

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“One of the many benefits of being a blogger is the fact that you can easily get your posts ranked to the top of the search engines. And of course, when you have top search engine rankings, you can drive high quality traffic to your site absolutely for free. But in order to get top rankings in the search engines, you have to pay attention to the PAGE RANK of your blog.

Page rank is a way that Google ranks the authority or importance of your site. The higher your page rank, the more of an ‘authority’ you are.  And when you have a high authority site, you will get search engine rankings more easily… In fact, you actually have priority over other sites.

I’ve had many top marketers and SEO (search engine optimization) experts ask me how I was able to get such a high page rank in such a short period of time (It usually takes a few months for Google to even ‘register’ you and getting to a PR of 5 is not something that most sites ever achieve).  So… I decided to make this free training tutorial today to share with YOU exactly how I was able to do this… And of course, how you can, too!


Could agree more with this from Katie Freiling from Online Marketing.

Love thy customer

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Paul Castain from the customer collective has written a great blog. I have added my two cents but essentially thanks Paul, brilliant thinking!!

Lachie and me in the hug lock!

1)    Surprise Them!: I order my shirts from Paul Frederick and they aren’t cheap. Every now and again, without warning, they will include a tie with my shirt order. I hate to admit this, but I’m like a little kid who just got the free prize from collecting cereal box tops! Gold star Paul Frederick! I’m a frequent guest at the Omni Hotel and they have the surprise thing down pretty well. One evening they sent fresh fruit up to my room, one morning it was some orange juice and bottled water. Here’s the point, it doesn’t have to be a million dollar, give away the store thing, just get in the habit of surprising your clients. It is the element of surprise that is so delightful here. It is beyond your expectations. Arrive to your clients with a box of donnuts for morning tea.

2)    Find A Way to “Wow” Them When You Screw Up: Everything you ever heard about Disney is true! I should know, I stayed there for 10 days with my family back in 2006. We went to a dinner show one night and the waitress was visibly hustling from table to table. Somewhere in the mix, she forgot my son’s lemonade. When she returned to our table, my son very respectfully called it to her attention. She immediately apologized (doesn’t that have a way of immediately diffusing a situation?) and said “Wait until you see how we fix things when we make mistakes at Disney” What happened next blew my mind. She returned with an entire pitcher of lemonade (complete with a very cool straw and glow cubes). So let me see if I get this. What was once a mistake has now turned into a “Wow”? Here’s the best part, I figure that between telling that story to everyone I’ve trained since then and mentioning it in my blog (twice) this story has reached over 15,000 people. I can see the Mastercard commercial now . . . Price for the lemonade: $2.00, Way Cool Straw & Glow Cubes: $2.00 Wowing a disappointed customer and getting word of mouth advertising from his blogaholic Dad . . . Priceless Baby! Everyone makes mistakes. Take away 1. Admit it. Be genuine. Turn around a bad situation and you could win a client and fans for life.

3)    Make Your Client Look Like A Rock Star To Their Boss: Think about it. Who doesn’t need some good press these days?  One of the best ways for you to do this is to proactively go to your client with ideas and resources. By the way, ideas and resources shouldn’t always require payment. This is one of the many ways you and I provide this thing everyone keeps regurgitating called “value”. Now if you are amongst the clueless who think everyone is already doing this, then make it a habit of asking this question in your Needs Analysis: “When was the last time your sales rep came to you (proactively) with an idea?” Get ready for a head tilt as they try to remember. One way you stay fresh with ideas is to carve out weekly thinking time to, well, think about your client’s business. Talking to the brainstorming queen, love it when I can give my clients extra value in terms of ideas.

4)    Be A Breath Of Fresh Air!: File this one under “I’m just sayin” but business folk can be wound way too tight these days. At times its just way too freakin serious. We’ve forgotten to put “laugh and lighten up” on our  To Do lists! Assignment: Go down to the card store and pick out a few funny greeting cards that you are going to send your clients. If you can’t find one, then at least pick up a cool thank you card and simply thank them for being your client. How about putting together a rock star kit for them complete with cool shades, a cd, an all access pass to your business along with a card that reads “You’re always a rock star to us!”

Sales Managers: Have a sales meeting in the near future and brainstorm ways for everyone to be that “Breath of Fresh Air” to your clients. Oh, and if you can’t think of anything, your competitor probably will.

Love the idea of thanking clients!

5)    Better Relationships Require Better Communication: Ridiculously obvious sales advice in 3,2,1 . . . The key to better communication is in asking better questions. Most sales reps make it through the Needs Analysis part of the process with barely a passing grade and then they stop asking thought provoking questions as if they are saying “But dude I already did that step” You have to continually ask the questions nobody else asks. Harvey Mackay has a cool questionnaire he calls “The Mackay 66”. It’s 66 questions that you should be able to answer about each one of your clients. Now, I admit that some of these questions might seem a bit much, but the point is to know your client better than anyone else. Love them. know them, surprise and delight them. Go the extra mile.

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