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Stick to the vision and the plan

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Today I had a conference call with a prospect who was looking at running a campaign. It was clear that the campaign was relying on a lot of external factors and was not in his core competency or something he felt comfortable doing. This is a common scenario for SMBs as lead generation becomes more of a marketing skill set and less sales. PlanningMaking decisions about what work to take on or what lead generation campaigns to run always come back to two key questions:
1. What are we really good at?
2. What is our vision for this business?

If it doesn’t tick both of these core questions then it is best to walk away, no run!
Don’t get me wrong I am all about Audacious but always ask the question:
Why am I doing this? We sometimes get so caught up in the doing that we forget to check-in and see if it is the best use of our time and resources. If you need to outsource it and it still ticks all the boxes as an activity that is worth the effort then great.
When you have a well defined purpose and a well defined set of values or business principles it makes big and every day decisions easier. It gives you a filter. Bernadette Jiwa from has a great download 20-questions-to-ask-yourself-before-launching-an-idea. Most of these questions can be applied to any marketing or business decision.


Vision Mission and Values2

Employee culture is too important to leave to chance

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Your culture can make or break your brand but more importantly it can attract the right people who want to work for you and can helps people deliver their best work.

  • Culture HackHave you considered whether you are creating a purposeful culture?
  • Have you got a list of values that are active and don’t just consist of lip service?
  • Do you make decisions according to your values?
  • Do you hire and fire for values?
  • Do you have a personality to your company?
  • Is it important to create a company you love?
  • What are our shared beliefs?
  • Is making money your highest priority or do you have a higher motivation?
  • What is your global vision and local vision?

Whether we like it or not a culture will be created, so why not create it?

Isn’t it important to rally the troops around one goal?


Biggest impact for marketers in 2013, customer centricity

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According to a research of 300+ marketers by Incite these are the key issues impacting them in 2013.

1. Customer centricity:  This is all around getting close to the customer and understanding them better. This is all

about customers able to have a meaningful impact of business practices, strategy and goals. This is the most

significant impact on roles in 2013 across both B2B and B2C.

2. Multi-channel marketing/communications: Linked closely to the previous issue, multi-channel marketing

focuses on how to integrate multiple marketing/comms channels to ensure they work in concert for an impactful,

effective, and pervasive marketing campaign. A significant 22% picked this as top priority

3. Building unique customer experiences through more personalisation/segmentation/better consumer

Biggest impact on Marketinginsight: Striving towards providing your customers with a personalised, engaging and unique relationship with

your brand. Companies are beginning to do this through the increased segmentation made possible by social

media/big data profiling, and by the proliferation of marketing/communications channels and platforms. Evidently,

from the popularity of this option, it is a challenge that executives have not overcome completely. 10% picked this

as top priority.

customer engagement level

4. Internal Collaboration: Focusing on more efficient internal collaboration between marketing and

communications, to ensure that the company speaks with a unified voice, shares insight and responds better to

consumers.7% picked this as top priority – which is significant in itself, but more so when one considers that 24%

of Communications execs said this was priority #1, and only 5% of marketers. More on that below.Customer Centricity

The ideal espoused by Bob Thompson of Customer Think is of a ‘customer-inspired’ business, which

“Thinks deeply about what customers are trying to accomplish in their business and personal lives, and create new

ways to add value before they ask”.

Companies are asking how they can change their corporate culture to be more focused on the customer. How do we listen to our customers and how do we build delightful customer experiences?

Learn more. Take our customer centricity test.

What’s your mission? Are you in it for the money or do you have a higher purpose?

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CEO of Wholefoods, John Mackey new book Capitalism’s moral code, he questions that the purpose of business is just to make money. He states that we should be thinking about business differently. He states “that business is the great creator value for other people and it’s fundamentally a force for good in the world. And I just don’t think most people understand that.”conscious capitalism

John contends and I agree that there is a different ethical movement in business today. One that has more than money and profit at the core. A business that is less greedy, selfish and inwardly focused and self-interested. John states in an interview with HBR,” only business people the answer is the purpose of business is to make money. And it’s just not the right answer. And every business has the potential for some other higher purpose besides just making money.”

“Similarly, business has that purpose for some type of larger contribution to society. So business people need to begin thinking in those terms. And so purpose is a first tenant that we explain conscious capitalism with. It’s absolutely essential that business rediscover what its purpose is, why it exists. What is the value that it creating for other people? What is its contribution to the larger society?”

So what is your higher purpose? Can you boil it down to one statement. Wholefood’s is helping people to live healthier lives, to hopefully reverse this obesity crisis we have in America.

Cath Sutherland the Director of Conscious Business has developed the Brand Creation Process – outlined in her book Creating Brand Energytestament1

Cath’s process gives businesses a clear understanding of their collective identity and true awareness of their impact on, and contribution to, their employees, customers, markets, communities, the environment and global community.  Being conscious and proactively managing and taking responsibility for all business activities, both internally and in the marketplace, is also vital to building a truly great brand.

Our vision

Global Vision

To foster empathy and insight in business marketing
Businesses need to get back to feeling, seeing, listening and showing empathy to
their customers and employees.
To develop a global to create customer centric businesses
Through the Strategic Service Design Process – to create a customer centred mind
set so that companies can use empathy to make better business decisions. To be
recognised as the leader in creating this movement.
To build companies that move towards humanising service.
A customer centric mindset humanises service
A customer centric company is a mindset. It puts the customer at the centre of all
your decisions. You are constantly aware of their needs and choose business
decisions based on what is right for them. This is balanced with the needs of your
employees who create the human service and put their energy into creating
delightful touch points that create a human empathic journey with your brand.



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