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Engaging the customer – that’s all it’s about!

I read a great quote from Ardath Albee

“Early stage content is not about your product. Your company is the only entity that truly cares about your product. What people care about is what your product enables them to achieve. But, at the early stage, prospects don’t even care about that. Whatever their situation, they’re dealing with it. It may not be ideal, but it hasn’t stopped them in their tracks, so it’s sufficient.
This means that we need to reach farther back from what our product enables people to achieve in order to create content relevant enough to gain the attention of early stage leads. Before you can talk to them about change, you’ve got to show them you understand their current circumstances.”

It all comes back to having authentic discussions with your customers. Talking about their issues. Resolving their challenges. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU OR YOUR PRODUCT.

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