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How to write great customer success stories

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A customer success story can be a great marketing tool. It immediately creates credibility with your target market. It gives the prospect a taste of what you are about and what to expect, and it can be the tipping point turning a prospect into a customer in their decision-making process.

Firstly some best practices for customer success stories:The purpose of a customer success story is to impact the buying decision. To create a compelling testimonial that prospects will identify with and decide to contact you or if provided as part of a proposal convince them that they are making the right decision.
  1. Are you focusing on the right customers?
  2. Are you writing the best stories?
  3. Can your sales team and its prospects find the most relevant stories on your website? Can they search by industry, business need, segment etc

Marketing role
  1. You must match your customer success stories to your target markets.
  2. Does your sales team have the references needed to support your key services and products?
  3. Industry – do you have the reference sites in the industries you are focused on?
  4. Are the success stories targeting the same size business?
  5. Do they reference the geography you are targeting?
  6. What audience are you targeting, business or technical – who is the ideal customer reading these stories?
  7. Use compelling headlines that resonate with your target market.
  8. Use your staff quotes on the experience as well as the customers.

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