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Small Business is relationships.

By 09/28/2016 1 One Comment

Maybe we should have the discussion about how important your relationship with your staff and clients are. Truly differentiated is the real connection you can have with caring about these relationships. I say differentiated because unfortunately so many small business forget about this “CARING” factor and are too busy getting on with being busy.

This caring and personal attention can be the real character of your brand. It can be something that sets you apart from your competition. Think about it. If you go into a post office and the person serving you is polite, focused and even shows some extra concern for you by asking your four year old son a question while you try desperately to fill out an address label, chances are you are likely to return to that post office.

This personal service and concern when consistent across your small business can attract a lot of support.

are not just measured on the quality of their care but also the personal attention that they are paid by listening to patient concerns. This communicate can be more important than many hospitals think! If you feel that someone is listening to you, you feel that you will be looked after.

Lessons for us as small businesses is take the time to nurture relationships. Every interaction is a chance to be show genuine concern and people feel that.Thoughtfulness is free.

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