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Lifelong learning is a competitive advantage

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For some of us learning is such an enjoyable part of our work. For others the status quo is all they can manage. When we think of our children the world they are going to work in is so very different from the workforce we now work in. Change is nano speed and so learning new things, exploring new ideas is now faster than every before. It is an exciting landscape but how do we stay on-top of marketing and managing our small business?

This week I came across a podcast by my favourite MarketingProfs where Kerry O’She Gorgone interviews Mark Organ┬áin a podcast titled Never Stop Learning. Mark is a fascinating guy. I had a few hah moments I wanted to share.

1. Jack Welch’s 4 Es and a P – which is a nice framework to identify leadership potential.

2. OKR – a performance measurement idea based on Objectives and Key Results.

3. Weekdone – software to manage OKRs
Video on weekdone

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