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Are you making promises you can’t keep? Now you can’t hide.

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Are you making promises you can’t keep? Chances are you are and now you can’t hide . There is so much pressure to deliver more than the competitor next door that it forces many small businesses to over commit and under deliver. When your service has become a commodity it is a pressure that is constant.

However customers are now seeking authenticity, transparency and collaboration. We want to engage with brands we identify with and trust. To do this we need to be sure that you are going to deliver what you say and keep your promises!  Phoniness can now push consumers away because it is not what it says it is.

Consider clothing retailer Gap Inc. Its advertisements over the past decade, featuring line dancers and celebrities, have had several effects. First, they put off many current customers who saw images portraying Gap as different from how these individuals saw themselves. Gap no longer conformed to (and thereby confirmed) their own self-images. With each successive ad, the Wall Street Journal observed, such consumers grew “tired of [the] trendiness.” Second, in-store displays merely paid lip service to the advertisements — actual interactions with sales personnel fell far short of the energy and enthusiasm displayed in the ads.All Gap stores — thousands of them — look exactly alike.Gap’s advertising says “Unique,” but the in-store experience falls far short of what it says it is.

Or think of any airline, hotel, or even hospital; if you could only check into the ads, you’d have a great experience. When you check into the actual place, however, it so often falls short of what the ads represented. When it comes to the Is What It Says It Is standard of authenticity, the easiest way to be perceived as phony is to advertise things you are not.

The Dove real beauty campaign was such a success because it focused on real promises and achievable success.Your promises don’t have to be extra ordinary but they have to be real.A promise only works as long as it hasn’t been broken.  Don’t make promises you can’t keep because someone who has put their faith in you only to be disappointed won’t make the same mistake twice, and they’ll warn all their friends away from you as well using sites like, trip advisor, product review and more.

My favorite skincare that doesn't cost the earth!

My favorite skincare that doesn’t cost the earth!

But the converse is also true.  When you are able to over-deliver on your promise and give people more than they asked for they will eagerly become your biggest fans.

So if you are going to stand for something and make a promise you better make sure you are going to deliver it every time. Every touch point has to be delivering on that pburgerromise. We know that this has become more critical today than ever before, which is why we have built Strategic Service Design to align your service to the promises it makes.

Worst still is to lie because there is no where to hide. Make good on your promises or you will be out of business.


Competing for customer’s mindshare

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We believe there is no more important approach to your marketing than a customer centric one!

You are always competing for your buyer’s mindshare with several competitors and a long list of other priorities. In order to successfully win their attention, your communication must demonstrate that your focus is on them. This requires an understanding of their needs – a “buyer-centric” approach to demand generation.

Analyst Anthony Mullen from Forrester explains it well,

“If you are delighting consumers then you have all the time in the world with them but if you are frustrating them then each second is torture they will want to pay you back for. Freedom of information and publishing means that customers know what standards can be expected and are tooled up to take a social hatchet to brands that abuse their privilege.  Getting the customer experience right and respecting consumers time is a survival imperative.”

Customer Centric Marketing is all about creating a brand and a culture that focuses on the customer. All decisions are made in light of what is best for the customer, but not just any customer, your ideal customer. You can only create a delightful, “wow” experience for the customer if you create touch points for the customer to feel your brand along their journey with you. These touch points should be deliberate, tweaked, measured and everyone in the companies responsibility. This customer centric approach is built into our Strategic Service Design Methodology

To book a customer centric workshop here.

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Customer Experience is the best marketing you can do!

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SSDStrategic Service Design. This methodology has been used to create innovative products and services for sometime but no one has taken this approach to create customer experiences that ensure that your customers feel your empathy, care and support. It is the touch points and memorable moments that you create that can propel your business in this new era of social media and customer led tribes. Customers are in control of our brands and are controlling the conversation more than ever before. We simply have to get better at listening and adapting our experiences to remain competitive.

Here is a slide deck that gives you some great reasons to start looking at how you provide a “Wow” customer experience. I can’t say it better.

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