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Top Five Lead Gen practices

Jon Miller in a recent post at Marketo.
Top Five Lead Management Best Practices:

1.Be everywhere. “Cast your marketing net wide so customers will find you no matter where they are searching,” he advises. (as long as they are within your target market profile).

2. Build prospect profiles. Create a lead database to manage and store all your leads, and then make sure you have a strategy in place to keep that database clean (e.g., lead de-duplication).

2.Automate lead handoffs. He offers an example: “Define different lead status values to indicate whether someone is a qualified prospect but still nurturing, or a true sales-ready lead.” Then update their lead status in the CRM system.

3.Provide sales-lead insight. Give the sales rep the prospect’s history, and offer insight about the “interesting moments” that caused that person to become a lead.

4.Recycle leads as necessary. If your sales rep can’t follow up right away, or the prospect isn’t available, don’t let a lead just sit and turn stale. “[H]ave a process in place to reassign the lead or escalate the issue,” Miller advises.

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  • Chris Brown says:

    Hey Dan, this is a nice list of simple best practices that are not usually followed… I think the first practice “Be everywhere” is well qualified by the sentence “as long as they are within your target profile” This is the difference between old marketing and new marketing which has to be more targetted and can be with proper use of technology

  • MacInnis Marketing says:

    Thanks for the comment Chris. I modderated the quote by adding the target market bit as I thought it was outdated. However like you, I agree the process is good.

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