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Your content strategy shouldn’t be like throwing spaghetti to see what sticks

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No doubt you are like most businesses and furiously creating content to build a connection and earn your prospects and customers attention. 90% of all businesses realise that there is value in moving some of their advertising spend from a “paid” to an “earnt content strategy“. The next step of the evolution is planning out this content strategy. Building a vision of what you hope your content strategy will achieve is a great starting point.Content framework

I have heard and felt the scramble to create content for a blog at the last minute, seen the distress as admin and marketing staff chase sales for case study leads to write up. We have all been there. I guess the opportunity is before you think about the distribution strategy, what to create and and what form is a really important step. The Content Marketing Institute have some really good resources for planning out your content strategy. There how too guides are just brilliant for the SME. Download their great workbook to get started here.How toos

It is worth watching this video where Robert Rose explains how content marketing has evolved and how to do it better. Carla and Robert have just written a book on the topic called Experiences: the 7th era of marketing. So who are doing this strategy thing well? In my book, Aussiefarmers with their blog their new magazine and education on produce not grown in Australia.Kraft with which generates more than $1 billion impressions per year and more data on a demographic cohort than a television station with more than 3 million subscribers.



Virgin Airlines lead the way with social CRM

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Virgin Airlines have recognised that maintaining their competitive advanVirgin airlinestage in terms of their culture is critical and something that the other airlines could find it hard to replicate. The friendliness of the Virgin staff has become a foundational element of their brand.  To keep this culture in tact has been a challenge as they have grown. 90% of their staff never sit down at a desk or pc. They needed a app that would allow the conversation to be mobile. They wanted their staff to be able to communicate effectively with staff and with customers. They use Salesforce’s CRM social chatter function to deliver this functionality and is a real competitive advantage.Chatter Hear from Virgin Airlines American division how they are going to change the flight time for all of us.

Talk to Humans

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Lesson learnedWhen was the last time you talked with your customers? It sounds simple but why do so many small businesses make assumptions? This book by Giff Constaple and illustrated by my fav cartoonist Tom Fishburne answers some of those key assumptions in Talking to Humans. So do yourself a favour, before you invest in marketing tactics please do a simple customer survey or better still pick up the phone and ask your customers why they decided to buy from you. And while you are at it, ask your staff why they work for you and see if you can uncover your true value proposition. This is the starting point for growing a successful business.

Download book here.

Talk to humans

What’s in a name?

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TolunaThis week I have been in a branding workshop with a client and we have been contemplating changing the name of their company. I would love some feedback in this survey question to help us decide. Getting feedback from small business owners that is honest, quick and to the point is so valuable. I would really appreciate your insights! The tool I used is Toluna’s Quick Surveys. It is an awesome tool for canvassing feedback quickly via crowd sourcing.

Feedback on a name

Survey Feedback on a name – urgent!

How solid is your value proposition?

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This month starts my Value Proposition Workshop Series around Australia for the Department of Industry and Science for the resource sectorStartup mistakes. A value proposition is a much misunderstood term by small businesses. It really means why your customers choose you? What value do you provide them? Thinking about your value proposition brings up all sorts of questions and some that you may not want to confront.

If you are a small business that started your SMB because you loved doing something, it just might be that you have never tested the value that you offer. The most common reason why businesses fail is they have built a business around something no-body wants.

fitWhy not test your value proposition here in my quick survey and see how you stack up.

Expectation setting, do we need to just lead the way?

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Maybe we expect too little and our employees and customers can make the jump? Maybe it is all about setting the expectations with a clear path. In this video Bobbie McFerrin shows how having high expectations is okay as long as you show how to get there. We are all in the trust building business. How do we get that trust? Maybe we need to lead with it.Expectation Setting

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