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Are you leveraging Mother’s Day?

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Have you got Mother’s Day covered as a promotional opportunity for your small business?

If not you should have a strategy. Learn more:

There are a few events in the calendar year that small business owners should be leveraging, especially you are in the retail sector. Mother’s Day is one of those key events, this year on the 13th May. Here are a few simple ideas that can really help increase your sales of products and or services when you market this promotional opportunity  well.

1. A special offer that is only available for mum. This works a treat especially if it is timely and it is what your customers want. It has to be of value. If you don’t know what they want then survey them. Sometimes it is not a discount, it may just be a value add. Extra 20 minute foot massage, coffee vouchers, Mum and Me offers, babysitting service etc.

2. Packaging up a couple of items to specific price points can work well for quick buying. This is enhanced if your customers and prospects can buy online! Build the packages around different mum segments, new mum, grandma, mum with teenager etc.

3. Create partnerships with like businesses to great really great offers. Morning tea at the local cafe followed by a spa treatment!

4. Reach out to the men as they are the ones usually buying the Mothers Day gifts. Build your database with a competition.

5. Communicate the offer in different ways: Email, SMS, flyers, on Facebook, Website and store signage. You need to start doing this a month before Mothers Day on your web and in-store with Facebook offers, Email and SMS closer to the actual date to capture those last minute shoppers.(normally my hubby)

6.Attract window shoppers with a great window Mother’s Day display!

You can create some really eye catching window displays and these can be enough to stop traffic and create some easy new purchases from passer bys.

7. Sponsor something that women care about.This goes a long way towards establishing a caring brand. It might be the Mothers Day fun run or another foundation. 

Linking to a good cause can also help build an audience and can be used to write some great PR stories to send traffic back to your website or Facebook page.

So if women are apart of your ideal customer audience how can you gain their attention this Mother’s Day? If you have a relationship with their partner in life or kids it could still be a way to provide them with a special offer.Mother's Day Sunday 13th May + Receive A $20 Gift Card, Simply

Spend $50*. More Details.


Build a web presence, or be invisible

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You have a choice to either create a web presence or be invisible. It is all about being online but more importantly being active and engaging customers. To do this effectively to need to manage your web presence.

1. You need to have a web presence that is easily found. This means knowing your target audience and understanding how they would search for your product or service. Once you know this (through some research) you can then put together some directory listings.

2. Directory listings on Google Places, Yellow Pages online and True Local will help you get found when your customers are searching online. However if you optimise your listing with key words and offers you can stand out from the pack!

3.Using social media to engage your customers and prospects is a must. Go where they are. Posting great information, resources, competitions and offers can all assist you build a loyal following.

4. Have an marketing strategy that uses your website, email and mobile to build a list to nurture is a very important objective. You can only build a relationship if people, know, like and trust you. It is all about pulling them to your service with great value.

To learn more about building a web presence visit our digital marketing page.

Ducon – Testimonial

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“My experience was like being blind entering the unknown world of marketing and being able to put my trust into somebody to help navigate my way, thanks. Extremely satisfied, very knowledgeable, helpful and fun.” November 2009.

Peter Mason – CEO


The Account Studio – Testimonial

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“I came across Danielle by chance on a business forum we are both members of and her comments struck a chord. I have since hired Danielle to re-brand my business, The Accounts Studio, and to help me develop a new direction and marketing plan. She has consistently come up with fantastic ideas and tools and I will be continuing to work with her on an ongoing basis. Danielle’s suggestions are innovative and cost effective and her communication is excellent. Having worked with other marketing companies in the past, I would certainly rate Danielle and her business at the top of the pile, as both a strategic and imaginative thinker, as well as giving great value. I would definitely recommend her without any hesitation.” November 20, 2010

Sophie Andrews – Owner

Market Culture – Testimonial

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“Danielle is a high energy person and a great creative thinker. She is unique in that she has strong marketing and organizational behavior backgrounds; a combination that results in significant value-add as a consultant. As a sounding board, I particularly appreciate that Danielle holds you accountable to defending your ideas from the customers’ point of view, which I think is one of her greatest attributes. These skills coupled with being team player, and her practical nature ensures that what she delivers as a marketing consultant, is always in high demand. The fact that I frequently call her from my office in Boston for her assistance is testament to the fact that I hold her in high regard as a business/marketing/organizational behavior expert.” July 16, 2008

Sean Gallagher, Partner MarketCulture

Adapt Solutions – Testimonial

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“Danielle has been great at helping us focus our marketing efforts. Her ideas and energy really help us to make sure we get results from our marketing dollars. Since working with Dan we have been able to focus what we do, when we do it and how to get the best results. Something we never could have achieved without her help.” August 3, 2008

Jamie Burmiester, Director

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